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Welcome to the Fishkill Historical Society


Van Wyck Homestead Museum
Photo by Steve Lynch (October 2009)

In the early 1960s, when Interstate 84 was being designed to pass through Fishkill, New York, the engineers planned to build a cloverleaf exit ramp off I-84 at Route 9 - exit 13 - and demolish the old abandoned farmhouse near Route 9 off Snook Road.  Fortunately, local Fishkill and Hudson Valley residents, who knew the importance of this historic house during the Revolutionary War years, banded together and formed the Fishkill Historical Society and saved the historic Van Wyck Homestead from imminent destruction by the Federal Highway System.  We are thankful for their perseverance and success at a time in our Country’s history – 1950s and 1960s – when old homes were routinely torn down to make way for a new Shopping Mall or new suburban residential developments.


The purpose of the Fishkill Historical Society shall be to gather and preserve information, objects, and resources relating to the history of Fishkill, especially the historic Van Wyck Homestead, and to encourage a knowledge of the Hudson Valley, including its role in the American RevolutionClick here to read more...

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